1,200 Dealers use our platform to engage customers on their websites.

Turn Online Visits into In-Store Sales

Dealer Ignition platform generates leads for dealers by automating content on your website.
Keep Customers on Your Site Longer

Customers will spend on average 3-5 minutes on a website with Dealer Ignition content. Compared to 15 seconds WITHOUT!

Always Have the Latest Sales Promotion

Never lose a sale because you forgot to have the latest sales promotion(s) on your site.

Powerful Analytics

Behind Your Content Is Powerful Analytics to Show You What Customers Are Doing with Your Content.

Close More Sales

Getting Customers In Your Store is the Key to More Sales. How many customers never visit your store because they aren’t seeing what you carry?

75% of Web Budgets are Spent Maintaining Product Information

With Dealer Ignition its 15%!

Recently we conducted a national survey of over 2,400 dealers nationwide. We found that 64% of all their websites never showed the right brands they carried. 20% had any sales promotion. Of those that did 90% were out of date. Compare this to One brand who uses the Dealer Ignition platform with its 5,400 dealers. 80% have the most current up-to-date product information and 90% show the latest sales promotions.

  • Customers who visits dealer's website
  • Accuracy of Avg. Dealer's Website Information
  • Percent of Dealers With CURRENT Sales Promotions
  • Dealers who report their website is their #1 marketing tool

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